[CQ-Contest] Putting it all together

N7DF n7df at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 11:31:28 EDT 2008

Here is the way to answer all the concerns about using technology, contest exchange and scoring in one fell swoop.
It involves creating a contest exchange that tells it all by having a character, either a letter or number, that identifies the various characteristics of the station.  Alternating letters and numbers would enhance the utility of the coding.  (Also it would eliminate the possibility of creating offensive words by manipulating the station characteristics)
The leading character would identify the type of operation such as A=single operator, B= Multioperator, C=remote, etc.
The next character would be the power class such as 1 = under 5 watts, 2 = 5 watts to 50 watts, etc.
All the other station’s characteristics could be similarly coded such as type of antenna in use, number of radios in use, use of packet, skimmer, etc. 
The point value of the contact would vary based on the characteristics of the station you work.  If you work a multi-multi, high power station using humongous antennas it only counts one point but a QRP, single operator, unassisted station using a dipole counts 10 points.
An exchange could then be something like D3C5F2A7.
Anyway it isn’t any more extreme than some of the other ideas that have been bandied about on this forum recently.
Remember E equals I x R is not just a good idea. It is THE LAW


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