[CQ-Contest] NCCC Sprint -- Wk 11

Bill Haddon haddon.bill at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 22:09:13 EDT 2008

The 11th event in the NCCC Sprint Ladder V is this Thursday night, another
chance for a frantic and exciting half an hour of CW contesting.  See
www.ncccsprint.com for details as usual.

Great to have lots of newcomers last week. . . and some "rare" sections, MT
(tks, Pat), ZF represented by NS Ladder regular N5DO, and even OK thanks to
N5UM.. And good to have Ontario back in the fray.   Re ZF2: now there's
dedication  . . a trip to the Cayman's just to do the NS Ladder.  Yeah
sure.  Look for Dave again this week.

Danny took top honors for top score with 2660, again setting a new NS Ladder
record and breaking his own 2556 from week 8 with an incredible 76 Q's in 30

Two reminders . . continue to spread out . . makes it more fun for all.  And
mind the time very accurately, 10 seconds or better, since the event is so
short.  Timing procedure for your last QSO are covered in the Sprint Ladder
Rules at http://www.ncccsprint.com/rules.htm under the "TIME" heading.

And don't forget the famous Slow NS, organized by W9RE 30 minutes before the
big event.  So SNS is at 0200Z (Friday).

Remember, this week and next then a two week FD and 4th of July break,
followed by the final three weeks of NS Ladder V.

See you on Thursday. . . see if you can hear and work the contest director
N6ZFO, maybe making a rare NS LAdder appearance this week. .  An antenna is
assembled on the floor and most of the rig has been located in the moving

73 Bill N6ZFO

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