[CQ-Contest] Remove that Word!

Ward Silver hwardsil at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 11:22:47 EDT 2008

> Ron is correct. If the contesting community cannot agree what "Assisted"
> means, it's fruitless to try to fabricate contest rules. (Sorry Randy) 
> This
> term needs to be defined first, then the rest will fall into place. And I
> don't think the contesting community can define it for the contest 
> sponsors
> (Sorry again Randy). The definition/clarification needs to come from the
> sponsors themselves.
> 73 de Bob - K0RC in MN

I've got a better idea - how about we get **RID** of the word "assisted" 
entirely?  It is far too vague to be of any use when we are really talking 
about sources and movement of information.  I suggest SO and SO-Unlimited if 
we're to have two categories.  If three, then SO, SO-Plus, and SO-Unlimited. 
Then the sponsors can state the definitions and there won't be any arguing 
about what constitutes "assistance."  The next debate will be about what 
"single" and "operator" mean, of course.

Even better - maybe the categories should be named Red, Blue, and Green so 
the category name is removed from the debate completely and thoroughly.

73, Ward N0AX 

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