[CQ-Contest] This is Logic? - comment

K0HB k-zero-hb at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 12 15:51:00 EDT 2008

> One thing that concerns me about this debate is that there seem to be
> an awful lot of people commenting and I wonder how many have
> actually used Skimmer in a competitive contest 
> environment yet.? ..........
> Al, K0AD


I haven't used Skimmer in a contest.

I also haven't used a gill net (attached to the gunwale, extending no more
than 499 meters from the centerline of the boat) in a Walleye Fishing
Tournament yet either, but I think both of us (and even a casual observer
who has never actually used a gill net) would be technologically astute
enough to perceive that this technology would drastically change the
dynamics of the contest.

73, de Hans, K0HB
Just a boy and his fishing rod

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