[CQ-Contest] This is Logic? - comment

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Jun 12 19:26:33 EDT 2008

> If it turns out that there is good evidence that local Skimmer use should
> be classed as 'assisted'

and just what would be 'good evidence'??  

increased score?  So2r increases scores, yet this is allowed in unassisted.
Automatic rotor control, cw keyers, supercheck, computer logging, etc. let
the user spend less time doing other stuff and more making qso's to increase
their score, yet those are all allowed.

Increased accuracy??  Guess again, and even though its getting better, if
you rely on skimmer all the time it would be like relying on packet spots to
get the calls right.

More hours in the seat?  If it helps keep those of us who don't really like
cw in the chair to play with a new toy is this a bad thing that should be

So just what would be 'good evidence' that a computer program should be
called 'assistance' vs just assisting the operator?

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