[CQ-Contest] Skimmer and M/2, M/M

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Fri Jun 13 08:25:05 EDT 2008

The discussion has been centered on single op so far and on finding
mults - but there are tremendous potential ramifications for M/2 and M/M
as well as run frequency assistance in single op - and this needs some
thought as we ponder new rules.  M/S, M/2 and M/M categories have always
been allowed packet, consistent with the thought that they are multi-op
categories by definition and packet is simply adding more ops.  If we
are going to allow Skimmer in any single op category, then by extension
it will be allowed in M/S, M/2 and M/M.  Here is a scenario that's
troubling me:  I head off the PJ4O (like I did this past February) and
leave a Skimmer running on a receiver at home - at N4GG.  It's on a
receiver I can control, but it feeds spots into the packet network, or
as a minimum its URL is published so that it is public and anyone can
log into it.  The bandwidth is 1 KHz and the receiver is always on my
run QRG at PJ4O, making it invaluable to me and useless to everyone
else.  Taking an audio feed from the N4GG receiver is against the rules
- the receiver is outside the 500 meter circle of PJ4O.  But taking a
packet (or Skimmer) feed - one that is public - is okay by existing
rules.  With this Skimmer feed I can raise my 160 total at PJ4O from 300
Qs to 900 Qs in a weekend - no problem.  Well, actually it's a big
problem unless we develop some Skimmer rules for the multi categories.
This scenario may not even need a dedicated receiver at home.  If I can
find a really good 160 Skimmer in operation in the US, then as a DX
multi station Ill be able to run the all those 100W stations I never
could copy before.  This also applies to big-gun single op stations in
run mode.  A good Skimmer in EU will boost the run rate of a single-op
station in the US, particularly on bands like 80 and 160.  Skimmer may
be more helpful (destructive?) in run mode than it is in S&P.
Hal N4GG

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