[CQ-Contest] CW Skimmer - Don't Change Anything

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Fri Jun 13 11:49:41 EDT 2008

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> From: Paul Mackanos - K2DB <k2db at k2db.org>
> If you don't like change, then we will continue to hear the whining, and
> that goes along with the bottom line - I don't want to change, so I will
> whine so they change the rules to favor ME.


We've read a lot of discussion here on this topic from both sides, some of
it outspoken, much of it passionate, some of it strident, but all of it

But listen as I may, I have >NOT< heard any whining.

73, de Hans, K0HB

  "We pass the word around; we ponder how the case is put by different 
  people, we read the poetry; we meditate over the literature; we play 
  the music; we change our minds; we reach an understanding. Society 
  evolves this way, not by shouting each other down, but by the unique 
  capacity of unique, individual human beings to comprehend each other." 
          --Lewis Thomas, The Medusa and the Snail (1979)

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