[CQ-Contest] The Skimmer Rule Challenge

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 14 17:22:21 EDT 2008

You are completely correct in your assessment, Tonno. Anyone who has done 
contesting seriously knows that packet increases the score on average. 
There now are some very skilled "assisted" operators but if all the 
operators were placed in a single category, it is certain that the ones who 
are packet assisted would have the highest scores. I am amazed that some 
people continue to claim that packet does not increase the scoring 
potential. The people who are serious and focused, with the best stations 
and locations, would achieve higher scores with packet than without packet. 
"Packet is a huge advantage," as you state below.

The use of Skimmer will be similar to packet in that it will increase the 
productivity and effectiveness, thus the scoring potential. One thing is 
for sure; if Skimmer is allowed in the "unassisted" class, you will never 
see anyone win "unassisted" without Skimmer in two years or less. It's that 
much of a game changer. At that point, the "assisted" class becomes 
meaningless, and all single operator competition will be consolidated into 
one class. The "automatic S and P calling capability" will be added to the 
software within one year. That IS the future if we allow Skimmer to be 
unrestricted in terms of category.

This entire discussion pertains to Single Operation. For multi-op 
categories, this awesome new technology is here and we will see a 
revolution in these categories.

There are certain contests now, WAE and RDXC come to mind, where packet is 
allowed currently. If these rules do not change, and there is no likelihood 
they will, then the Single Operator category will be very unrestricted, and 
anything but the physical presence of one or more others in the shack 
helping operate or log the station will be allowed.

Jim George N3BB

At 09:49 PM 6/14/2008 +0300, you wrote:
>We keep hearing many smart and silly arguments in this everlasting debate
>but claiming that packet does not help SO much as unassisted guys keep
>dominating the assisted ones is the most ridiculous of them all. Can we
>please stop it for good!
>Packet is HUGE advantage and especially to top notch SO2R guys with top
>stations should they choose to use it. They don't as they participate in
>non-assisted class because that is were you get real credit for what you
>have done in terms of developing your skills and building your stations.
>There are some that have taken unfair advantage of packet gaining a lot of
>mults and have been also disqualified.
>Packet adds at least 10% to the score ceteris baribus if we look at well
>equipped SO2R station. I have said I can make 100 mults more in CQWW with
>packet and that means 15% in score. SO2R is as big advantage really and
>usually also gives 15-20% increase in score but that is what we like to do.
>We can keep doing something interesting instead of listening to monitor
>while TXing on 1st Radio and we can really put our skills in better use.
>If Skimmer acts like Packet WE DON'T LIKE IT! If Skimmer is even nearly as
>efficient as the world wide spotting network now it WILL MAKE THE
>UN-ASSISTED CLASS MEANINGLESS. We do everything to avoid it in this case. So
>my question really is:
>Is Skimmer similar to Packet in it's results on not? Can we please refrain
>from this endless and meaningless debate from now (some of you guys could
>though write a book on that I guess) and produce meaningful and fact based
>evindence as to how efficient a skimmer can be used in one specific
>location. Could we please hear from guys who actually used it in some
>contests as to how it compares to packet?? Let's gather some data and decide
>then. If it is indeed obvious already now that it gives similar output as
>packet and is as accurate then we should of course change the un-assisted
>rules ASAP and get this thing off the table.
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> > Because it won't make any difference whether you operate in
> > one category or the other: pointing and shooting will dominate
> > the mult game.
>"Assisted" does not dominate the single operator class today.
>What makes you thing that type of operation will dominate if
>skimmer used routinely in the single operator class?  There
>are instances of very good operators entering the assisted
>class today and they still do not dominate the top single
>operator scores.
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