[CQ-Contest] Eliminate SO Unassisted?

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Mon Jun 16 10:16:22 EDT 2008

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> From: Mike Fatchett W0MU <w0mu at w0mu.com>

> Why create rules that are nearly impossible to enforce or prove? 

We create rules to define the "shape" of each particular class of a
competitive event.  (That statement and the next one may be so self evident
as to sound patronizing, but I think bear saying here.)

One of the desirable classes of competition is the classic "boy and his
radio" class where single individual operators, using only their ears and
wetware, hunt down and identify their target QSO's.  

Rules which support that paradigm must obviously define prohibited
(unfair?) ways of hunting and identifying.

The "nearly impossible to enforce or prove" objection is a red herring. 
The solitary nature of our "playing space" in these competitions leaves
many rules open to cheaters but those rules (power level, no packet, no
rubber clocks, etc.) are still needed to define the nature of the event to
the vast majority of us who come to play an honest game.

73, de Hans, K0H

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