[CQ-Contest] Eliminate SO Unassisted?

mike l dormann w7dra at juno.com
Mon Jun 16 12:31:24 EDT 2008

take 1000 contest operators, and segregate them according to equipment

% low end (me, HRO 60, Viking ranger, etc, dipole)
% medium (FT101, TS520, tribander)
% high end (TS930, FT1000, two antennas)
% professional (whatever K1TTT has)

How would I ever KNOW whether someone I contact in a contest is in a
particular equipment class, or how they are sending code, or using or not
using any particular software 

if anyone would ever sit and take the time to listen to ME operate they
would figure out pretty soon when i was filling in the log and dupe
sheets...............but no one would have any reason to...............

mike w7dra 

(who is going down into the woods today to find out why the west pointing
flag is not working,  AADX this weekend!!)
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