[CQ-Contest] Skimmer is not CW

Vladimir Sidorov vs_otw at rogers.com
Wed Jun 18 11:45:53 EDT 2008

OK gents, in the ongoing discussion the cause and effect are apparently not 
tied together and mostly various effects are only discussed.

Back to basics, i.e to the cause.

1. The amateur telegraphy is the mean of communications employing human CW 

2. The Skimmer is a new digital mean of communication using the CW codes for 
data transfer, but it is not CW, or the amateur radio telegraphy as such, 
because it does not employ human CW decoding and employs machine decoding, 

3. The Skimmer technology is around by now. It might be complemented by 
other technologies developping the new data transfer principle (altough it 
is not a new data transfer protocol as such). Perhaps one day the new 
technology (2) will replace the technology (1). Perhaps the technology (2) 
will slowly die by itself. But in any case the technologies (1) and (2) 
cannot be merged due to totally different decoding principles applied.

I'd virtually cast the (1) in stone. Actually I'd include it into all 
possible contest rules.

Let's agree on the above and then we'll take it from that.

Vladimir VE3IAE


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