[CQ-Contest] The Skimmer Rule Challenge

Jim Preston jpreston1 at cox.net
Wed Jun 18 13:27:58 EDT 2008

Stan Stockton wrote:
> K0RC Wrote


> 1.  Single operators are to copy all Morse code signals with their own 
> ears.
> Translation must be directly from Morse code audio to written or typed 
> text by the single operator using the single operator's human brain for 
> translation.  A code reader or readers or any other method or means that 
> may be devised to translate Morse Code into text or other visual or 
> audio translation is not allowed.


> Stan, K5GO

To which should be added:

1.1 Sending of Morse code shall be done completely by hand using a 
hand-key, or at most a "bug". The use of a memory keyer or computer 
generated cw puts the operator in the Assisted class.

Why is it that some are opposed to the use of code readers, but not code 
senders? Isn't the ability to send code as important as the ability to 
copy it? For the record, I use computer generated cw, and I also use a 
code reader when needed (over about 30 wpm).


Jim N6VH

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