[CQ-Contest] It's never going to end!

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Amen, Brother!
I'm about to QRT from the list, it's beginning to BORE me to death with all  
of the skimmer stuff. yeah, I can delete it, I do, but, that's getting old 
also,  due to the sheer volume of messages.
73-Chuck KI9A
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This rediculous subject is never going to end.  It is  just going to go on 
and on and on, because there are those that have to  have the last word.

The use of Skimmer is definitely assisted, but  those who don't think it is 
will argue till their last breeath that it  isn't.

When I see the word Skimmer in the subject of a message or in a  message it 
self, I usually just delete it, and move on.  Putting it  to rest is never 
going to happen.  Plus, think of all the fools who  are foolish enough to pay 
$75 for  it.


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>  Does anyone want to argue that using a "Code Reader" is NOT  assistance.
> I can think of no greater poster child for DEFINING  Assistance than a
> code reader.
> Lets just put an end to  the endless debate by saying the following:
> Use of a code  reader, of any kind including to populate bandmaps, puts
> you in  "Assisted Category".
> "What do I have against the hearing  impaired"?  Nothing.  They can
> happily contest and compete  against hearing impaired and non-hearing
> impaired people in the  assisted category.  Last I looked, a number of
> people prefer and  compete mightily in the assisted category for various
> reasons.   There is no discrimination by placing those that need a code
> reader  for any reason in the assisted category.
> Simple as  that.
> Some will say "but Writelog comes with a code  reader".  So what?  You
> shack probably has an internet  connection, but that doesn't mean you
> have to use it,  right?
> Ed  N1UR
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