[CQ-Contest] Quad Antennas performance for Contesting

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Yeah, Max Gain Systems it is.
I was reading an article about hex-beams and the guy - K4KIO - mentioned
that all the spreaders were from Max Gain.
I think they sell them individually and also as kits.

On Sun, Jun 29, 2008 at 10:10 AM, <steve.root at culligan4water.com> wrote:

> I'd agree. I've made and used fiberglass covered Bamboo Quad spreaders.
> They worked well and lasted for many years. But they were hard to make, they
> were very heavy, and fiberglass resin is nasty stuff to work with. Modern
> fiberglass spreaders like those available from Cubex of Max Gain Systems are
> much better.
> 73 Steve K0SR
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> Renner, in an older book of W6SAI "All about cubical quad antennas" he
> writes about "waterpoof your bamboo arms with fibreglass". Basically he
> suggests to cover the arms with fibreglass, which is typically used for car-
> or boat repairs. However I would probably directly replace the arms with
> fibre and not try the bamboo at all. Unless you plan some "portable style"
> contesting I believe the slightly higher cost will pay out. Vy 73 Uwe,
> DL8OBF > ------------------------------ > > Message: 3 > Date: Fri, 27 Jun
> 2008 17:13:40 -0700 (PDT) > From: "Renner, PY7RP" > Subject: [CQ-Contest]
> Quad Antennas performance for Contesting > To: CQ-Contest at contesting.com >
> Message-ID: <815593.81142.qm at web33208.mail.mud.yahoo.com> > Content-Type:
> text/plain; charset=utf-8 > > Hello Guys > I intent to assemble what i will
> call a "simple & cheap" contest station. > My plans are to build a
> reasonable competitive station to SOAB LP > efforts using cheap stuffs. > I
> have thought on many options for t
>  he antennas. I would like to use > wire antennas instead of traditional
> yagis with aluminium due to the > facility on building it and price, sure!.
> > So thinking on wire-made antennas i stoped my eyes on a multiband > quad
> antenna. A 2 element 10-15-20 quad seems to be a great choice, > since the
> gain seems to equal a 3 elem monoband yagi and the price > in comparison to
> 3 differents monobanders is really a bargain. > I found a store that sells
> Bamboo fishing poles for a good price here. > They are 9 meters tall and
> costs only ~ 5$/unit. They seems to be > strenght enough and well straight
> bamboos. > I haven't bought it yet. I began to search on the internet
> articles about > cubical quad antennas made with bamboo. My interest is to
> find something > about the treatment they must have to keep in a well shape
> for > a reasonable time up on the air i.e. passing through bad weather >
> conditions. > Does anyone have any idea about why kind of treatment they
> should have > before goin
>  g up on the mast? > 73 Renner > PY7RP? >
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