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If you  look at your Log Checking Report from last year, you will see that 
were penalized if you copied the serial number incorrectly. No free passes  
off-by-one serial numbers. In the log checking process, the assumption  is 
the sending station logged the correct serial number, and the  receiving 
made the "error". Unfortunately, the Win-Test situation  is doubly bad, in 
the wrong station gets penalized. In the Win-Test  situation, the sending 
has incorrectly logged a different serial  number from what was actually sent 
Win-Test, but the receiving station  gets penalized.

Unfortunately WinTest cloned CT for SS, which also has a poor method  for 
handling sent serial numbers.  If there is nothing entered in the  callsign 
field, sending the exchange (F2) sends the number of the previous  qso.  So if 
there is a pileup, you get a callsign at the end, send that  call on the paddle, 
and press F2, the previous number goes out.
At K8AZ this weekend I was using WinTest, and did exactly that a number of  
times.  Sometimes I realized the error, fumbled around hitting ESC,  pressing 
any key to  get something in the callsign field, and then pressing  F2.  When I 
did, I often sounded like an idiot.  For those times I  wasn't paying 
attention (hopefully not many), sorry!
The good news is that at my other three stations I used NA, which does it  
73  -  Jim  K8MR
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