[CQ-Contest] Learning Morse

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at pclink.com
Sun Nov 9 20:54:23 EST 2008

Jim K8MR said: "(I can't comment on the need [for typing skill] in RTTY 

I do a lot of RTTY contesting. It is possible to operate an entire contest 
"pointing and clicking" with a mouse. It is not necessary to touch the 
keyboard, unless that's your preferred method of operating.

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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> If you are learning CW for contesting, I'd suggest that first you learn
> keyboarding for contesting.
> Touch typing (keyboarding) is an essential skill for SSB contesting as 
> well
> It will likely be easier to learn keyboarding at a given speed  that it 
> will
> to learn CW at that speed, so the limit will be determined by  your CW 
> skills.
> Having learned CW from a 33 rpm LP record when I was 11 years old, I can't
> really offer much advice on learning the code as an adult.
> 73  -  Jim  K8MR
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> kiessig at gmail.com writes:
> I've  decided to learn Morse, mainly with an eye toward contesting.  I 
> tried
> and failed many times years ago, using the approach recommended to me  at 
> the
> time - cassette tapes.  I recently discovered the Koch method,  and have 
> been
> using the G4FON software, but I have some  questions:
> -- Since the Koch technique has you learning at full-speed  from the
> beginning, what's a reasonable speed to aim for?  What's the  range that 
> you
> might see in a typical contest?
> -- I've started at 22  wpm, and find that the speed of my handwriting is
> often not fast enough to  keep up, and keyboarding is even worse.  The 
> only
> way I could imagine  going faster is to copy entirely in my head.  How did 
> do
> you get past  that hurdle?
> -- Are there any other approaches to learning that I should  consider, or
> perhaps better implementations of the Koch  technique?
> Thanks,
> 73, Rick  ZL2HAM
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