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w7dra at juno.com w7dra at juno.com
Sat Oct 11 16:42:00 EDT 2008

here I am in Omaha, NE, working the OCDX contest in the SWL division. In the first 5 hours of the contest i copied 10 QSOs.  With the terse operating techniques of the modern operator, and the average signals from VK/ZL land topping out at 229, I could sometimes get one or two letters or numbers per station transmission.
This means having to keep track of the QSO number of the OC station, as i piece together a combined report, getting OC station call, RST,NR, and worked station's call. This could take 15 minutes for a single SWL entry.
Very poor condx from here on 40, no stations heard on 160, but 80 came through with shining colors. When is it normal to have VK/ZL signals come through LOUDER on 80 than on 40?
mike SWL/w7dra/0
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