[CQ-Contest] Telnet / DX Clusters

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Oct 15 18:13:35 EDT 2008

Connect to any of the big world wide coverage telnet nodes and just set the
filters to only show spots from the areas you want.  With most of the big
nodes being heavily cross connected they get most of the spots from around
the world.

David Robbins K1TTT
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> First off - -this is NOT an invitation to start a flame war, or do
> discuss the technical/legal/moral/spiritual etc merits of the use (and
> abuse) of dx telnet clusters -- each of us has our own views -- lets
> leave it at that
> That said:
> I need some help -- for whatever reason, im having problems getting
> into the DX-Central.com telnet cluster connections are getting
> rejected -- ive contacted them and am awaiting a response.  I would
> like some input from those of you who know of / use other cluster
> sites.
> I live about 35 miles southwest of cleveland, ohio (en91cd) and im
> looking for good useful clusters that service my area - -there are a
> lot of small time clusters but they dont seem to have enough traffic
> to be useful -- id like to find a large one (or several) with good
> coverage to use during contests and dx chasing (yes, i use the
> appropriate categories in contests where i use them (usually assisted
> but i do follow the rules) (and yes, i do know that many people
> consider those of us who use clusters and nets for DX to be lesser ham
> etc -- im not here to fight that war now) I simply want some input
> from others who make use of this resource.
> replies on or off list are appreciated -- flames will be ignored
> thanks
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