[CQ-Contest] LZ9W in CQWW SSB 2008

wally wally at el-soft.com
Fri Oct 17 17:31:53 EDT 2008

Hi Fellow Contesters,

The first part of the best contest in the world is comming at the end of next
week. LZ9W Contest Team will be M/M as usual in last few years.

We are getting ready and we will do our best, although it is very hard to
compete on SSB with our friends from DR1A, DF0HQ and OT5A due to the fact
that most of DX QSOs made these days on 160 and 80m are mainly with USA and
An additional problem for us on SSB is the fact that LZ (Bulgaria) remains
one of the few EU countries in which contesters are still not allowed to
operate above 7.100 on 40m.
We observed a situation in last SSB contests that now USA stations do not
bother too much to listen below 7.100 having the possibility to work almost
all Europe on simplex above 7.100.

Our request to USA contesters is to listen below 7.100, too. In case you need
LZ and zone 20 multiplier you will need to listen for us below 7.100.

Looking forward to meeting you all after 7 days.

We will possibly have VE3SUN as part of our team for this one, so we hope he
will really enjoy being on the other end of the Ocean working fellow
Canadians :-)as one of LZ9W operators :-).

73, de Wally LZ2CJ
on behalf of LZ9W Contest Team

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