[CQ-Contest] 15 Years of Contest Country Files

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Tue Oct 21 15:55:04 EDT 2008

I just noticed that 12 October 2008 marked the 15th anniversary of my
contest country file releases.  Back then, it was CT only.  Then NA,
TR and WriteLog got on board, followed by many more (there's a list at
the bottom of this web page: http://www.country-files.com/cty/ ).  All
three major players in the DX Cluster node arena (AR-Cluster, DX
Spider and CC Cluster) use some form of these files.

Here are those first release notes:

12 October 1993

    * HK0/Malpelo is in CQ zone 9, not 7.
    * Removed trailing 'AF' from IG9, IH9.
    * Changed IG9, IH9 to be in ITU zone 37.
    * Added 'AS' continent override to JD/o.
    * VP8GAV is in CQ zone 13, not 30.
    * Added more callsigns to KH0, KH8 and KP2. These are for stations
      that are still using the old prefixes (KG6, KS6 and KV4,
    * Added KG4CQ, KG4DL, KG4EH, KG4HG and KG4MK to KG4 prefix list.
    * Added X5 to T9 prefix list, though these stations are Serbs in
      Bosnia, and are not licensed by Bosnian authorities.
    * Removed trailing 'EU' from TA0, TA1, etc.
    * Changed RN, UN prefixes for Karelo-Finish Rep. back to RN1, UN1
      and added RN5WW.
    * Added KX6BU to V7 prefix list.
    * Added CE3MMV/9 to VP8/shetlands prefix list.
    * Corrected spelling of Suriname and Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    * I now use the same source to generate all three country files.
      Thus you might notice some cosmetic changes in ARRL.CTY and IARU.CTY.

73 - Jim AD1C

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