[CQ-Contest] S/N ratio

Tim Holmes w8tahradio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 14:07:19 EDT 2008

Hi folks:

continuing to prepare for this weekends SSB WWDX and was looking at some
software -- it shows propagation data in the form of Signal to Noise ratio
darker colors having lower values (lik 0, 1, 2) and higher numbers having
higher values 20, 30, 40 etc)

my question is -- how is this ratio expressed

for example a bright area is 48

if that were 48:1 signal to noise (48 parts signal one part noise ) that to
me sounds to be a good thing - lots of signal not lots of noise
however if it were 1:48 (48 parts noise to 1 part signal) then thats a very
bad thing in my understnading

im using ham cap with DX-ATLAS

can someone shed some light?


Tim Holmes
W8TAH - Amateur Extra Operator
Medina County AEC
Skywarn Advanced Storm Spotter Certified
Certified Severe Weather Specialist
StormNet Chase 9

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