[CQ-Contest] European sigs to W9

KI9A at aol.com KI9A at aol.com
Sun Oct 26 09:53:45 EDT 2008

I just made pass thru 20 meters, and made a few notes of signal  strengths.  
Obviously not scientific!
Rig ICOM 756 PRO3, AGC set slow. No preamp on, 2.4 filter
Ant Cushcraft A3 tribander at 25'
1330 Z  ( 8:30am local) in Belleville, IL
RW1AC 59+20 loudest on the band
ER0WW +15
DR1A +15
RK2FWA +10
LY5R +10
S56M +10 must have had bad rx freq  had at least 5 calling, did not  hear any 
of them
OK4U +10
OH5Z +10
OH4A +10
ES5TV +5
RL3A +5
IR2C +5
SO0Q 59
DR5Z 59
GI5K 59
SM6U 58
YT1BB 58 
IO2L 58
Just an idea of what the loudest European stations sound like, in southwest  
Illinois, on 20, at the bottom of the solar cycle, with a low tribander!   And 
condx today seem very good!!
73- Chuck KI9A
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