[CQ-Contest] Is this for real?

Felipe J Hernandez fhdez at islandnetjm.com
Thu Oct 30 07:40:39 EDT 2008


Are you being sarcastic?

Every year that Jeff is going to be active we go around taking bets on how well would he do.
This year I told some as well as Jeff that he would reach 6500 qsos single band.
he said no way, at the most 5500.. he was right...

Obviously Jeff cannot show his true colors on Single band efforts due to the simplicity of that operation,
try him on multi band and see his true colors.
those who have seen him operate, know that his attention to planning, forecasting and goal achieving is unequaled. (thats why he has the records and won the world from NA with a modest setup from my house-kp3z)

His abilities are not normal, In fact the only proof that we have of Aliens living among us is Jeff. 
By the way Jeff, please dont bore us with single bands and showing up every 3 or 4 years is not healthy for the sport.

Sincerely Felipe and other Men in black...

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                CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

  Call: VP2E
  Operator(s): N5TJ
  Station: VP2E

  Class: SOSB/20 HP
  QTH: Anguilla
  Operating Time (hrs): 38

   Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
     20: 5200    39      154
  Total: 5200    39      154  Total Score = 2,600,000



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