[CQ-Contest] Log checking in CQWW

Jerry Cahill jcahill at tinet.ie
Tue Sep 9 20:05:45 EDT 2008

Tonno, you obviously have not yet figured out the ground rules. Stations
outside the US are only there to provide those necessary QSO's. What do you
think would happen if a few stations in the US began submitting logs like
those we compete with? I think everyone on this list knows the answer to
that question.


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Mike, this is not about one royal flush. This is about hitting sets or two
pairs at every hand through the tournament. You say that don't post here but
help organizers. Well, do you think it has not been done or attempted? Lot
of this effort is in vain. My exact question is: HOW CAN WE HELP THE
SPONSORS? It is clear that they have failed this year and failed badly. I
don't hold it against them as this is voluntary work and with limited
resources. Opposite to that, I deeply admire their will to keep this contest
going. But they obviously lack resources and they don't accept help. Any one
of us - experienced SO2R contesters - need about 5 minutes of look into 9A1A
log to have no question about how those multiplier numbers have achieved.
38/146 on 40m and comparable mult counts on other bands beating top assisted
stations and multi ops is unachievable by one operator without packet (even
BOH or TJ would not be able to come close) and looking into the log it all
comes clear pretty quickly without doubt. I am as sure in that as Toni and I
could take a day and prove it also on paper beyond any doubt.

We had a lot of hopes, big hopes this year that Committee starts to clean up
this mess and we see disqualifications. It has not happened. Having rotten
apples like 9A1A proudly in the top 5 in EU taking high points for WRTC is
very dissapointing to many contesters in EU and I absolutely agree with Toni
in his despair and I question the future of the contesting if it will
continue like that.

I can only propose that logs would be made public with detailed claimed
scores tables right after the log deadline! That would give community a
chance to point attention on possible violations. That is the only way we
can really help the sponsors. Do they want to be helped? I don't know.
Honestly I have lost the faith in them for now. There are packet cheaters on
top places in several categories. We have seen cheaters exposed without
doubt (working wrongly spotted calls etc), that has not helped to bring them

For now until we can not do anything else, this reflector is the right place
and the ONLY place to apply peer pressure and this is exactly the only place
to post the extracts of the logs and discuss them. We see endless
discussions on irrelevant or unimportant topics compared to that like
posting to 3830. A lot of guys have suddenly a lot to they on those kind of
topics and engage into furious fights but when we get to something really
serious and fundamentally important to ensure the continuation of our hobby
people will hide their heads in the sand and the only reaction we get is
asking not to post the logs (which are public anyway) here or talk about


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