[CQ-Contest] New HF Yagis w/ immediate shipping available

Scott W3TX via Adelphia superberthaguy at adelphia.net
Thu Sep 25 10:04:30 EDT 2008

You still have one last chance to get a monoband yagi up before CQWW!  I
have several "new in box" M2 Survivor series yagis which can be shipped
immediately upon purchase (no factory wait!)

20M6-125 (60ft boom) Survivor Series $2798


40M3FS-125 (full sized 40m yagi on 48ft boom) Survivor Series $4752


Two (2) 40M1FS-125 Survivor Series Rotatable Dipoles $750 per unit


40M3L-125 Survivor Series new $1600


Please call me directly at 814-881-9258, rather than e-mailing, since
I'm out of the office today

Best regards,
Scott Johns VMD
Amateur Radio W3TX
www.SuperBertha.com <http://www.superbertha.com/> 
Veterinary Medical Doctor
www.BestPetVet.com <http://www.bestpetvet.com/> 
www.PetDentistry.com <http://www.petdentistry.com/> 

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