[CQ-Contest] Operating Ethics for Multi-Op contest Stations

Eric Hilding b38 at hilding.com
Thu Apr 2 08:30:48 PDT 2009

Pat, WW9R, wrote:
>Great, another list of frequencies that I am suppose to stay away from.  
>Between all the nets, and now the SSTV freqs, toss in a DX window or two 
>and whats left?  I looked on the freq chart the ARRL publishes and none of
this is listed.  
>Other than being QRM'd by these folks or cursed at, how would an op know
these all existed?  
>Just Curious,
Some options immediately come to mind, assuming that reasonable people can
collectively agree on reasonable solutions to problems {cough, gag}.  Using
the 20m SSB USA frequency spectrum as an example, all SSTV, Nets and other
low-population special interest groups could migrate their frequency
ownership claims (cough, gag} and activities to locations ABOVE 14.330 Mhz
on a PERMANENT basis.
The WARC bands came into existence during my lengthy absence from HF, but my
understanding is that these venues have been kept Contest-Free in order to
provide non-Contesters a safe haven in which to pursue Contest-FREE
enjoyment of what is supposed to be a Hobby.
As many of us are soliciting new Contesters into the fold on an ongoing
basis, there certainly isn't much of an attraction to handing them a lengthy
laundry list of individual 20m SSB frequencies that are verboten to try and
keep track of.
Of course, contest logging software authors could program functionality (if
rig control is used) that would prevent RX tuning or TX engagement on or
within 3 or 4 Khz of any of a lengthy list of frequencies.  This could be
accomplished via a module to maybe read a .txt file that could be updated as
new frequency ownership claims emerge.  HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE during
the ARRL SS or any other contest???
Hmmm. in this new era of increasing Gov't control in the U.S., perhaps Fox
Charlie Charlie should step in and provide a Spectrum Bailout Plan (belated
April Fool's suggestion). 
FWIW & 73.
Rick, K6VVA * The Locust


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