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Hi Don:

I agree that you aren't responsible.  I must admit, though, that if I ever
got tired and accidently called a station out of band (or on the wrong VFO
when operating split on 40), I would GREATLY appreciate a kind notification
that I might be operating out of band.  Or even a not so kind notification...

Of course I would never accidentally call out-of-band or call CQ on the wrong
VFO...  :-)

Mistakes do happen.


Mark, KD4D

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I agree. It's not uncommon to be called by a U.S. station when running below
14150. My responsibility is to be sure I am operating within the bounds of
my license not to check whether anyone else is. The U.S. or any other caller
is responsible to be sure they are operating within the bounds of their
license. So if I work anyone when I am on 14.140 them I am legal and
ethical. It's not my responsibility to police the one out of bounds. 

Chad's example of working on 14153 would also apply to a U.S. Extra class.
Do these guys check to see if all U.S. callers are appropriately licensed to
be calling in on that frequency. Again, it is the responsibility of the
calling station not the one doing the running.

73, Don VE3XD

> This brings up an interesting point.  Is it really the VE's responsibility
> to know that every answer to his CQs is within their band or license
> Sure, this example is a little easier, knowing that US hams can't go below
> 14150, but what if he was on 14153 and a US general class licensee call
> him?  Should he quickly evaluate every caller to see if they are approved
> operate on 14153?  If you say "of course not", I ask you, what's the
> difference? In either case, the US ham is operating beyond their license
> class.  Why is it the VE's responsibility to police him if under 14150 and
> not at 14153?
> Chad WE9V

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