[CQ-Contest] ETHICS

RUDOLF TORSTEN and HIROKO C CLAY rt_clay at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 2 13:48:02 PDT 2009

>Wasn't me, but I have had something similar happen.
>A few weeks ago, I was around 14.125 - well below the U.S. phone
>allocation, and I was there on purpose - trying to run Europe.  W_XXX
>calls.  I tell him he is out of the band.  I call CQ - he calls again.
>Again tell him he is out of the band.  After the third time, I gave
>him a report and he went away.  I did not log the QSO.
>A few weeks after the contest, I get a direct QSL from him.  On it, he
>indicated the frequency (14.125).  I returned his QSL with a "Sorry -
>Not in Log" comment.
>My question is this:  I know this person is out of the band (for him).
> Should I log this QSO?  I assume it will re removed as part of the
>scoring process - do I get a penalty if I leave it in?  What about

Assuming that it is a contest where USA/VE contacts count for points...

Note that Cabrillo doesn't have to have the precise frequency listed in 
the log, so there may be no indication to the contest sponsor that the
USA station's qso was out of band. (And of course the log could be
edited before submitting).

If you don't log it the USA station gets a NIL penalty in the contest, 
which seems appropriate to me.


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