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The problem exists when a knowing vs an unknowing - I would not have an exact idea what most Pacific islands have as frequency allocations but they vary all over the shop...I do know that YJ - Vanuatu does not extend 40M beyond 7.100 but I have heard several expeditions operating above that limit..Mainly because I found out the hard way when I operated as YJ0AX :-) 

That said if you are operating within the limits of your licence in the unknowing event made a contact with a KH6 that was out of band - why does the grief fall back on you ? 

My original post concerned a blantant assistance between operator to another operator certainly well beyond an accidental frequency transmission..

Trent Sampson
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> Both morally and ethically speaking, I have an obligation to tell the
> other party they are "out of band" and NOT log an illegal contact.


More than a dozen times during the WPX state-side stations called me when I 
was CQing well below 14150.  Other than the previously mentioned ethical and 
moral issues I didn't see why I should provide a multiplier for a relatively 
rare prefix to someone who was exercising an unfair advantage over his 
fellow state-side competitors.

My approach is to politely say the offending out band callsign, suggest 
they are out of the band and follow with a QRZ dx!

... Syl

Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
Saskatoon, SK

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