[CQ-Contest] Ethics

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Calling out of band does not a contact make.  Yes lots of people screw up
and call out of band.  I have done it and probably will do it again.  I have
yet to work the DX as they were listening elsewhere.  I don't doubt that
contacts have occurred this way.  Mistakes are one thing doing it on purpose
and continually is another. 

CC Packet Cluster W0MU-1

"A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may
never get over." Ben Franklin 

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Just referencing your one snippet:

And contrary to the statement made earlier by someone that this is a 0.1%
problem.  It absolutely is not.  I hear dozens of out of band Qs every
contest on 40M as stations call simplex on EU stations running split.  I am
assuming most are using the cluster to point and shout and not watching what
they are doing.but that is just an assumption on my

Based on what has already been reported, there are 2000 plus logs
*submitted* with an anticipated 4000. That doesn't count anyone that
participated and won't send in a log. 1% of 4000 (just counting logged
users) is 40. If you factor in all the folks that participated, it would be
even less of a percentage.

As someone one said in a meeting, it's like picking fly sh*t out of pepper -
not worth the effort. 

K2DSL - David

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