[CQ-Contest] Ethics

Oliver Dröse droese at necg.de
Fri Apr 3 15:02:25 PDT 2009

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From: "Dick Green WC1M" <wc1m at msn.com>
> Newer logging programs, like N1MM, Writelog and Win-Test, log the frequency
> to the nearest KHz in the Cabrillo file, so it's certainly possible for log
> checking programs to cross-check and remove illegal QSOs from both logs if
> at least one of the two participants uses one of those loggers.

Dick, this is no solution either. Becaus what's in the log not neccessarily 
shows where you transmitted. I.e. I'm as a European am working split with the US 
on 40 m. Let's assume I work somebody who's calling on 7.240 MHz then this is 
what is logged in N1MM for instance, even if I transmit split below 7.200 which 
is legal overhere. Even with CAT control the TX frequeny is only shown on 
display during transmit. Now when do you usually log a contact (hitting enter or 
whatever)? During TX or rather during RX? ;-))

So your suggestion might work for 20 m simplex but that's only half of the story 
(if not less, hihi).

Vy 73, Olli - DH8BQA

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