[CQ-Contest] Italian Earthquake Disaster Frequencies

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Tue Apr 7 18:22:50 PDT 2009

PA5KT commented:

>Of course I willl keep these frequencies clear, but I dont understand
>why they have choosen these frequencies.
>The emergency centre of activities of IARU Region 1 are 3760 and 7110.
>Before March 29, the 40m frequency was 7060.
>Now 7040-7060 is allocated for digital modes.
>As not everybody is reading internet sources how can they know where
>the traffic is going on this time?

The IARU Region 1 band plan is not binding on anyone.  It is only a
band plan.  For some reason, inside Region 1 it is felt to be more than
what it is.  The root cause of this was raised & something to address
it was adopted at the most recent Region 3 conference, but nothing
seems to have been done at all - so much for the "representative
democracy" the IARU describes itself as.

See: http://www.iaru-r3.org/13r3c/docs/071.doc

The Italians can use any frequency they want to & their licences
allow.  Perhaps Radio Ethiopia still using 7110 is why they are not
there, as if Radio E3 is still being heard around EU it probably can
also be heard in I.

I would imagine other amateurs are clued up enough to realize what
is going on if they happen upon the activity on 7045 & will give the Is a
bit of space.

What does this have to do with radiosport?  Well, here in Region 3, on
40m, we are often left with nowhere to operate due to the entire band
being used by stations in Region 1.  As a result, we have nowhere to
operate than below 7025 on SSB or well above 7050 on CW.  Doing
so brings out the worst of this Region-1-band-plan-is-some-sort-of-law
mindset.  It would be sad if this attitude rears its ugly head on the
Italians now, but that might be what it takes to get this band plan finally
put on a lead.

73, ex-VR2BG/p
(president of a Region 3 IARU member-society once upon a time).

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