[CQ-Contest] Pessimism

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agree, so why not just enjoy what we have, so we have not good sunspots, so what ,,have fun!


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>Could be, could be... 
>But after WPX SSB I am still impressed - my personal best score ever. Don't sit with depression - just try to inprove your equipment and operating possibilities. And depression will go away... As in every hobby if you are doing something at all.
>I don't see any reason to be depressed because of the lack of sunspots, sorry.
>73, Remi LY8O
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>>Subject: [CQ-Contest] Pessimism
>>Check out this week's survery question on the ARRL Website...www.arrl.org.
>>It looks like a lot of people are seriously depressed about the lack of 
>>73 Steve K0SR
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