[CQ-Contest] Sweepstakes -Automatic Fill - 93 or 67

Trottman Compound superfly at tetonwireless.net
Wed Apr 8 22:32:32 PDT 2009


>If you pre-fill, or not, you are still going to have to sit there and
>to me send it. It takes basically the same amount of time for the QSO, 
>pre-fill or not. If a guy has pre-fill and he can get an extra puff or two 
>on his cigarette, or have a sip of coffee, then good for him/her.
I have never used an uploaded autofill database, but I *have* dreamt about
it. I don't think it's design intent was for added time for eating or
puffing. What it allows is the ability to run two radios while listening to
*most* of what is sent. Once you copy a call on radio one it auto fills
while you are making another Q on the other radio. At least I think this is
how it goes. It's sort of like working 160 in the NAQP. You've already
worked most stations on other bands so if you are running 2 radios, you can
make great time because all the info is already there from the other QSOs
with each station. In SS I can see where it would be useful, because of the
one contact regardless of band format. It would especially be useful when
you are trying to get the serial number from the QSBing 50 milliwatt station
for the 9th time just as the 5KW high power station starts CQing 150 Hz up

I know nuttink,


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