[CQ-Contest] Dayton RTTY Contesting Forum

Shelby Summerville k4ww at arrl.net
Fri Apr 10 02:29:22 PDT 2009

Saturday May 16, 2009  1200-1300  Room 3

The Dayton RTTY forum  will have a panel discussion on
how best to accommodate the diversity of participants in RTTY contests.  The
vast majority of participants are not super-serious competitors and may only
be on for a few contacts to work a new state/province/country or to try out
their station or simply to enjoy some RTTY contacts which are more scarce
outside of contest periods.  Each panelist will give a short statement of their perspective on
participant diversity in RTTY contests and then be available to address
questions and comments from the audience.
Panelist will include K5DU, K4GMH, W2QO, and K4IA.

C'Ya, Shelby - K4WW

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