[CQ-Contest] Announcing the Contesting Compendium Wiki

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Thu Apr 23 06:32:29 PDT 2009

The Contesting Compendium is up and running, at 
.  Our objective is to make this into a one-stop 
source for information on contesting, and to 
ensure that all the good stuff that is now 
scattered across the Internet doesn’t succumb to 
the ravages of time, hard drive failures, or other accidents of history.

So now it’s up to us.  I want to start by 
emphasizing the "us" element.  I‘m committed to 
making this work, but it will fail unless it 
becomes a true community project. I’m going to 
suggest the broadest organizational outlines, but 
from that point forward it is up to you, 
contesters around the world, who have information 
to contribute. Don’t feel that what you know or 
want to say is not of broad enough interest – 
there is room in the Compendium for articles that 
are as broad as “antenna design for contesting” 
and as narrow as “contesting in Iraq in 2005.”

We (KM3T, K5TR, K5ZD,N5KO and I) have created a 
start to a 
of Contents. It might best be described as a 
rough outline or starting point for ideas on 
content and structure. You should feel free to 
edit or add to the 
of Contents and also to add actual content. There 
is already some content linked from the table of contents.

Please check out the 
to Read/Browse and 
To Contribute pages, for the nuts and bolts. 
You’ll need to create an account to join in, but 
we pledge that none of your data will be shared outside the Compendium team

Nothing is cast in concrete – if you want to 
suggest other ideas, edit away – everyone who 
signs up to become a contributor or editor and 
edit any page except those - typically articles 
from other sources reused in their entirety with 
permission of their authors - that are locked. My 
hope is that eventually we'll have hundreds of 
authors contributing material and keeping it up 
to date.  If you don’t want to edit other 
people’s work, feel free to use the Discussion 
tab at the top of each page to give us your 
suggestions.  And also please feel free to drop 
me a note if I can help you become a contributor.


Pete Smith N4ZR
Managing Editor and Chief Compendium Lackey
Dave Pascoe, KM3T
George Fremin III, K5TR
Randy Thompson, K5ZD
Trey Garlough, N5KO

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