[CQ-Contest] SP DX Contest. Logs deadline

SP5UAF tom.sp5uaf at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 06:25:18 PDT 2009


I would like to remind you that the the last day to send your log for
the SP DX Contest 2009 is 30th April (I mean the CW/SSB part of the SP
DX Contest as the SP DX RTTY is a completely different event).

Each year we have lots of participants from Poland as well as from
outside SP and of course not all of them send logs. But we would like
to ask you to send your log even if you made a few QSOs or even if you
made only one QSO. If you look at the historical results and dig
through the statistics you see only the numbers which show in fact the
number of received logs, not the  number of participants.
And yes, we want our statistical data to show high numbers. But we do
not want to overestimate the numbers. We rather think that if a
contester (experienced or beginner) looks at the data in the future
perhaps he will decide to participate our contest because he or she
will think: this one can give me a lot of fun and good time on bands.
For beginners it can also be motivation to look for possible new
So please send your log if you only can and thanks in advance for your
support to the SP DX Contest!

The address to send SP DX Contest logs is: spdxc-logs at pzk.org.pl.

If you have any questions you can always contact the Committee at:
committee at spdxcontest.info. The SP DX Contest website URL is:


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