[CQ-Contest] FQP mobiles

Frey, Dick DFrey at microsemi.com
Mon Apr 27 08:38:12 PDT 2009

With the possible exception of California where the few rare counties
are usually handled by expeditions, mobile operations are the mainstay
of QSO parties. Here in Oregon 12 of the 36 counties have one or less
HF-active ham. They need mobile support or it is impossible to sweep the
Oregon mults.
I really enjoyed chasing the mobiles this weekend in the FQP. There were
about a dozen of them and the operators were very good. Conditions were
sketchy from the west coast and many of the mobiles were right at my
noise level. Others were not. 
Outstanding signals were put out by NO5W, NN4TO, W4AN, K4OJ, W5WMU and
many others. Most of them also had very good ears. Has any thought been
given to publishing the mobile configurations for the benefit of the
group?  An article here or possibly in NCJ would be most interesting.
See you all next weekend in 7QP-NEQP-InQP.
Dick  k4xu

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