[CQ-Contest] FQP survey

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Tue Apr 28 12:27:42 PDT 2009

It's been a while since we've formally asked for your opinion, so here 
goes, while the FQP is still fresh in your mind...

Before the FQP -
- Did we "advertise" the FQP enough?  Too much?  Ideas on where/how to do 
- Did you have all the info you needed to participate?  Rules, County 
Map/List, etc?

During the FQP - 
- Were the activity frequencies OK?
Mobile windows:
- Are you aware of where they are?  
- Do you find them useful?
- Should there be a penalty for a fixed station transmitting there?
- What solution/s would you suggest for keeping the window clear?
- Should we allow QRP fixed stations in Florida into the window, too?
40 CW
The mobile window was moved up the band this year.  There is significant 
interaction with the SP RTTY contest on the 40 CW sub-band.  
- Did it affect you?  
- What should we do?  
20 SSB
- Did you run into any QRM?  Is there a better part of the band for us?
40 SSB 
- Did you find it more productive with the broadcasters gone?
- Did you get the word that the FQP activity was to be lower in the band 
than before?
80 Meters
- Should 80 Meters be included in the FQP?

- Do you like the 10 on/10 off/10 on format?  If not, what works better and 
- Is the overall 20-hour length OK?  Is there enough activity for the fixed 
stations in FL to stay interested that long?

- Have you ever used CW Skimmer during the FQP?  If so, did you find it 
- Have you ever used APRS during the FQP?  If so, did you find it useful?

After the FQP -
- Should we have another category to distinguish Single-Op-Assisted from 
- Should we consider a single-band category?

- Do you like the score multiplier for Power (2x for Low and 3x for QRP)?
- Should the Canadian multipliers be clarified?  (MAR = VE1/9,  VO = VO1/2, 
rest are Provinces)

- If you have submitted a log, are you satisfied with the robot (new this 

- Are you satisfied with the FQP results?
- What would you do to make them better?

- Are the certificates acceptable?
- Do you like the idea of an endorsable certificate?  If so, what would the 
stickers indicate?
- Should we consider a special Florida-related award like California wine 
and Washington salmon?

- Anything else we haven't mentioned that you think we should know?

Thanks for being a part of the 2009 Florida QSO Party and for your 

73, Dan, K1TO and Ron, WD4AHZ

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