[CQ-Contest] NCCC Sprint Ladder Wk 5

Bill Haddon haddon.bill at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 13:54:03 PDT 2009

This Thursday night is Week 5 of the NCCC Sprint Ladder competition.  See
www.ncccsprint.com  0230-0300Z Fri UTC) around 14040, 7040, 3540 with sprint
rules as

    ---  For the Newcomer's Division,  scores will begin to count toward the
wine award, given for high score total in 6 out of the last 10 weeks.  So .
. stlll plenty of time, but now's a good week to start.  The warm-up period
allows newcomers to get the feel for the NS Ladder.
     --  Responding to several requests, most recently from Jay W1FJ, we're
inaugrating an NS-Ladder/ NS reflector where strategy and related items can
be debated. interactively with other participants.  Compaints should, of
course, be sent to some other reflector :-)..  This year's participants will
receive an invite from W0YK, who is kindly setting up this capability.
Questions?  Contact N6ZFO.
     -- Remember to show up for Mike, W9RE's Slow NS 30 mins prior to NS
Ladder at 0200 Z.  We ask the veteran sprinters to listen especially
carefully for new stations.
     -- Thank you to all who send logs in last week.  We are collecting some
information on dupes worked and on frequency spread. As always, we urge you
to spread out in frequency.

 Wk 4 Summary.
      -  Tor again captured the high national score (see
http://www.ncccsprint.com/results.htm  ) with this year's record of 2257
points, no doubt helped by the increasing number of available mults -- 26
this week based on submitted reports. But. . close on his tail is our
talented web expert Ed, W0YK, with a stunning 2166 points.  Amazingly, Ed
worked only 3 dupes to achieve this West Coast high score.
      - We exceeded 50 submitted reports for the first time, with 54 scores
submitted.  Probably there were 60-65 stations participating.
      -  Recordings are available from K0DXC, K9MMS and, in stereo, from
N4OGW.  See results table for links.  These recordings reveal details about
the operation of the contest that are difficult to discern in the heat of
competition.  N4OGW's SO2R recording adds a dimension to this information

73 BIll n6zfo
Contest Director, NCCC Sprint Ladder

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