[CQ-Contest] FQP logs, the new robot and Cabrillo

Tom Haavisto kamham69 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 07:16:22 PDT 2009

One things that works, and has become widely used, is to log as follows:

ie - put the county name at the end of the stations call.  This way,
dupes and scoring work correctly.  If you already worked the station,
you can work them a second time with the /county at the end of their

I don't do this for fixed stations, but once I realize they are a
mobile, rover, or for some reason are in a different county that I
have logged previously, the above works fine.

Tom - VE3CX

> Another suggestion for future consistency is to explicitly list on the web
> site how mobile stations should send there exchange and what the contest
> logger expects. I think ARRL contests call them rovers and use /R as what
> should be logged. Maybe that is just how the ARRL does it. From what I got
> as feedback here, /P and /M should also work. Some of the preferences might
> be around how various logging programs handle mobiles in a QSO party. N1MM
> as an example doesn't allow (though you can force but scoring is off), AB1CD
> on its own in multiple counties. You can use AB1CD/P or AB1CD/M, etc. But
> maybe if there was some consistency it would be helpful. Also, it's not
> always obvious on the first exchange with a mobile/rover/portable station
> that they are indeed going to be setup in multiple counties unless the
> assumption is if they call CQ using AB1CD/xxxx that they are.
> 73,
> K2DSL - David

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