[CQ-Contest] Log checking and deadlines

Tom Haavisto kamham69 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 18:42:49 EST 2009

Hi Mike

I do like the idea of bonus points for early submissions.  When its a
tight race, every little bit helps.

However, I do take issue with having everyone use the same logging
software.  We do have a standard format called Cabrillo, and everyone
is expected to follow that format.  In some cases, the contest sponsor
specifies the formatting of the file they expect.  If submitted logs
that don't match that standard are rejected, I expect in very short
order the situation would get a whole lot better.  OR - send the
person an email indicating their logs cannot be processed due to
non-compliant formatting.  Make them fix the problem, chase the
author(s) in question, or switch to complaint software.  They will get
the message in short order of what is expected!

Tom - VE3CX

>        Here is a way to positively favor the early submission of logs. Bonus
> points. Use the same deadlines as before, but have a prorated bonus,
> starting at some small but significant enough number of points that
> are added to the score. Make it a fairly steep curve, diminishing to 0
> added points after say the first week.
> Let someone lose a close division because of turning a log in after
> bonus time will cause them to get religion quick! 8^)
> You'll at least get a lot more of the logs a lot sooner. The
> procrastinators will still run late, but not much we can do about them.
> My help and I have talked about bonus points for a number of things,
> from encouraging software choice to log submission times. Would it not
> be heaven to have everyone use the same software, or at least the same
> file submission? And posting those bonus points would in a backwards
> way show when the log had been submitted.

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