[CQ-Contest] And now for something completely different......

Tom Haavisto kamham69 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 06:55:25 EST 2009

I would not say this has put more points in my log, but it certainly
helped with station design, operating technique and overall enjoyment
of radiosport  - that is to read the newsletters of various contest
clubs, even the back issues (when available).  A good place to start
is with the SMC web page at http://www.w9smc.com/newsletters.htm.  A
good many folks have went to a lot of trouble to share good ideas -
all you have to do is dig a little bit to find those hidden treasures.
 Sure - not everyone has room for multiple large towers, etc., but
there is information there by taking the time to look :-)  I am sure
there are other repositories as well, and I would enjoy hearing about
them as well.

In the end, a lot of little things can all add up.

Tom - VE3CX

> What single factor do you  credit with being the MOST important to your success as a contester?  (The "factor" can be a skill, a station engineering accomplishment, an "accident of location", or whatever.)
> 73, de Hans, K0HB/W7

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