[CQ-Contest] Log checking and deadlines

RW4WZ rw4wz at udm.net
Wed Feb 4 14:01:18 EST 2009


> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Log checking and deadlines
> > I propose that the log submission date be something that 
> gets posted 
> > along with the top scores.
> I think including the date the log is received in the results 
> is a great idea.  No judgment, just more data.
> Mark, N5OT

Hi Mark,

in 2007 we have such a experience in Russian RTTY Cup Contest
There was web site which show in real time the date of each log arrived.
What is interesting to note that the 3 logs of first 5 places arrive
on last date. I don't blame anybody, just interesting why it is go
this way.




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