[CQ-Contest] And now for something completely different......

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Wed Feb 4 15:19:20 EST 2009

An interesting question that has generated some thoughtful replies. 

The single biggest factor that has contributed to my success as a contester
was being licensed at age 13 and having hours and hours and hours to
operating time using low power and low antennas during my High School years.
That is where the funadmental skills were learned and practiced (when there
was no packet and you still had to turn on the radio and tune around to find
things).  That is where I learned how to get a small signal through a big
pileup.  That is where I spent hours having CW QSOs or handling traffic.

The skills and scores made during that period led to opportunities for guest
ops and chairs at multi-ops.  Each level provided more experience and more
station capability.

The factor that I can't explain, but is also key, is a passionate love of
the contesting game.  I love turning on the radio and finding out that I can
be heard somewhere else on the planet.  I am not that interested in long
chats, but I sure do love the thrill of hearing the other guy respond to a
call or CQ.  It just never gets old.  

Randy, K5ZD

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> So I pose this question to the gathered multitude.....  
> What single factor do you  credit with being the MOST 
> important to your success as a contester?  (The "factor" can 
> be a skill, a station engineering accomplishment, an 
> "accident of location", or whatever.)
> 73, de Hans, K0HB/W7
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