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As I recall, at the time the WARC bands were announced (or shortly
thereafter) the IARU and other amateur radio organizations strongly
suggested in effect that no existing contests add the new bands for a number
of reasons, including their relative narrowness, the dearth of equipment and
antennas then available or easily modifiable for them, and so forth.

The bands were als not eligible initially for DXCC, WAS, and many other
awards, although that has certainly changed.

But there is no legal or formal "ban" per se.

It has become acceptable amateur practice in the last 30 years to discourage
contesting and contest-like events on the WARC bands, as they have (amongst
many other things).  And any time I can recall someone proposing a contest
or "sprint" or "activity day" for any of the WARC bands, there has usually
been a major outcry against it, and most (almost all) of those have fizzled
out and never happened.

But there is no legal or formal "ban" per se.

It's now been almost 30 years since the awarding of the bands at the 1979
WARC was announced, and they've all been active for at least 20.
Considering how narrow these bands are today, I wonder if they could or
should be considered for contesting anytime in the near future.  Now, if we
could just convince the next WRC to, say, expand them a little bit (how's
10.010 - 10.200, 18.000 - 18.250, and 24.750 - 24.990 sound?  Hey, a man can
dream...), one could revist the issue, but that's a long way off from
becoming reality.


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Does anyone know the exact reason why WARC band contest have been
prohibited or not planned.

I once read (not sure) the report that IARU adviced not to sponsor
the contests on any WARC bands to the member societies at the very
fast WARC introduction.
But I could not find the evidence why WARC band contest were

Please point me out the source, thanks.
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