[CQ-Contest] Driving at 4AM

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Feb 9 22:25:13 EST 2009

"If you are not cheating, I see no reason to get up in arms about it."

Indeed.  But consider:

If we are not cheating, but it is implied that we are because of a
difference of opinion or philosophy... it is the implication, or in some
cases actual accusations, of cheating that many of us find irritating.

And since this thread started with a police reference... by the same token,
I object philosohpically and politically to a police officer asking to
search my vehicle during a routine traffic stop.  I also object
philosophically and politically to a mandatory drug test prior to starting
employment, unless there is a direct correlation to the job (such as running
heavy machinery, or driving trucks or school buses, etc.)

That doesn't mean I have anything to hide; I don't, and as a practical
matter, knowing that I have nothing to worry about, I submit to them (as
opposed to losing several hours in custody while the police wait for a
search warrant -- on the grounds that I refused the request as is my
consitutional right, so I MUST be hiding something; or losing employment and
thus a paycheck and the ability to pay bills and IRC's).

Likewise, I continue on philosophical and political grounds to oppose the
concept of "open logs" as is currently being debated.  That doesn't mean I
have anything to hide [and if you ask nicely and give me a good reason, I
might well be open to permitting you to see my log].

Some of the people in this rather lively discussion fail to see the


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