[CQ-Contest] Driving at 4AM

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Tue Feb 10 12:18:24 EST 2009

> "If you are not cheating, I see no reason to get up in arms about it."
> Indeed.  But consider:
> If we are not cheating, but it is implied that we are because of a 
> difference of opinion or philosophy... it is the implication, or in 
> some cases actual accusations, of cheating that many of us find

Implied by whom?  By a bunch of people that have nothing to do with the log
checking.  People have taken a great leap from a statement wondering why the
same people are always late and tying it to cheating.  While a pattern of
behavior might suggest further investigation, sending in logs at the
deadline in itself does not equate to you cheating.  

Late log submission, lack of 3830 posting and error rates well below the
norm once again might suggest further investigation, this in itself does not
equate to cheating.

I have worked numerous QRP stations that were louder than stations running
much more power.  It makes you wonder what is going on until you find out
they are operating from a super station or propagation just favors his/her
area.  There are plenty of people that push the 100w or 1500w limits.

These are flags that something might or might not be going on.  This type of
thing happens everyday in our everyday lives.  Police watch for odd behavior
in people, driving oddly will attract attention, the clerk checks your id
when you use a credit card to be sure you are the owner of the card.  Have
you taken a flight lately?  

While you may not like these things they are part of life.  You don't have
to fly, use a credit card, drive or contest.  When you choose to do these
things you agree to abide by the rules or laws that allow you this
opportunity.  You do not have to take that drug test, the consequences are
you won't get the job or you will be asked to leave.  6Y1V has exercised his
right not to send in a log and will not be considered for placement in the
contest.  The choice was those that operated.  It is unfortunate IMHO.

It is you that has attached cheating with these activities.  Not me.

What if down the road it turns out that those who were turning in logs at
the very end were actually doing something wrong?  Should we just turn a
blind eye to everything unless there are witnesses to the act?  I think not.

> And since this thread started with a police reference... by the same 
> token, I object philosohpically and politically to a police officer 
> asking to search my vehicle during a routine traffic stop.  I also 
> object philosophically and politically to a mandatory drug test prior 
> to starting employment, unless there is a direct correlation to the 
> job (such as running heavy machinery, or driving trucks or school 
> buses, etc.)

I don't know where you live but the police do not ask to search peoples
homes, cars, etc unless they have cause where I live.  They do hand out
tickets for breaking the rules/law and sometimes if you break enough of them
you lose the privilege to drive.  This sure sounds like what the log
checkers are doing oddly enough.

Nearly every other competition is out in the open for all to see.
Contesting should be no different.  The great thing about contesting is that
even though you may not agree with the rules and won't submit a score you
can still get on and participate and have a good time.


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