[CQ-Contest] Driving at 4AM

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Tue Feb 10 16:43:42 EST 2009

Not to mention illegal searches and mandatory drug tests.  Over the top and
a political stand which has nothing to do with contesting. 

So far I have yet to hear one compelling argument why logs should not be

Because I don't like it doesn't fly in my book. 

"A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may
never get over." Ben Franklin
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Now *that's* over the top!  Slavery?  Give me a break!

I think I read the same public commentary as you did, David, and I thought
it was almost uniformly opposed to your position.  Since any controversial
topic on this reflector tends to draw the vociferous on both sides, that
suggests to me that the balance of contester opinion is not on your side.

I'm not suggesting that you did anything wrong, just that you *are* wrong on
this one.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 02:54 PM 2/10/2009, David Kopacz wrote:
>I suggest it is more likely:
>89% didn't take the poll
>6% favor open logs
>3% don't care
>2% opposed
>Even if the poll on contesting.com were an accurate representation of 
>the contesting population, one must keep in mind that just because 
>something is popular, doesn't make it right (slavery comes to mind 
>The results are likely similar to the response I received after 
>announcing withholding my logs from CQ Magazine.
>Publicly, a few squeaky wheels shouted loudly against my action, while 
>privately via email, more than twice as many applauded my decision to 
>take a stand.
>I'll be more than happy to release my logs for inspection to the 
>paranoid, the accusers, the naysayers and those that simply think there 
>must be "more to the story", once the results are published.
>Mission accomplished.
>David ~ KY1V
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> > Likewise, I continue on philosophical and political grounds to 
> > oppose
> > concept of "open logs" as is currently being debated.  That doesn't
>mean I
>The current survey on contesting.com suggests opposition to open logs 
>for any reason maybe a minority opinion.
>61% favor open logs, 24% don't care and 8% are opposed.
>... Sylvan
>Sylvan Katz, VE5ZX
>Saskatoon, SK
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