[CQ-Contest] NA February Sprint

W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Tue Feb 10 17:50:23 EST 2009

"But it is not at all an anomaly that 20m closes near sunset at solar
minimum. The typical sunset times in Feb are such that the sun has already
set for the midwest and east coast at 0000z.  Moving the start time back an
hour would make it a lot fairer when the SFI is low."

Actually, I think you would see the West would do even better.  They would
have another hour of the opening to work with.  20 may not have been great
but what happens in the west is the band is still open but the east coast
has left for 40 and 80.  You have to go where the rate is.  Sometimes you
have to sacrifice a bit of rate to work mults.  

Unfortunately or fortunately, the sun will never set at the exact same time
for everyone.

I only had one radio to tune and I wish I had two as I was really curious if
20 ever opened again.  Once people move bands it is rare to see people check
the other bands later.  The ones you hear most are the SO2R folks especially
at the end.  I picked up some mults and qso's on 40 by going back late.

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